Coloured Concrete: Three Central Guidelines for Reducing Variations

If you are preparing for concrete construction, you should think about incorporating colour into your structure. In general, concrete is a practical and functional material with exceptional strength and durability. However, its plain appearance can be off-putting. Therefore, if you would like a surface with more decorative value, you should opt for coloured concrete. The addition of a pigment will create a vibrant appeal, and the cost of this process is minimal. Read More 

Why Should You Install Concrete Kerbing In Your Outdoor Space?

One of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space is to design your landscape or garden area. Whether you choose to DIY or hire a landscaping expert, you still need to pick out the materials you will use for the project. Concrete kerbing is an essential material that most commercial and residential property owners use today when designing their outdoor space. They make the place appear well organised and attractive throughout. Read More 

Does Your Concrete Need Resealing?

Concrete is an incredibly versatile building material, and it has found widespread use in the construction industry for the creation of everything from floors to kitchen work surfaces, garden paths, and basements. Concrete is popular because it is strong and long-lasting while requiring almost no maintenance. Despite the ubiquitous nature of concrete, it is important that your concrete is always properly sealed to increase its resistance to weather conditions, abrasion, and staining. Read More 

Why You Need A Pre-Demolition Inspection

House inspection is a vital component of the demolition process. Professional demolition contractors will insist on an inspection regardless of how quickly the client would want the property demolished. The excerpt below discusses the benefits of a pre-demolition inspection.  Determine Required Preparations Below are a few ways to prepare for the demolitions: If your neighbours live close by, it would be courteous to inform them of ongoing demolitions. Decluttering the house b removing any furniture, electronics and interior fittings. Read More 

Why Use Illuminated Aggregate on Your Hotel’s Paths?

The paths around your hotel and in your garden areas need to be safe to walk on. You don't want guests slipping or tripping. So, you may have decided to put down exposed aggregate. This type of concrete has a slightly rough surface which gives it a better grip. However, you also want your pathways to look good. While you can choose from various aggregate colours and designs, you can also take things a step further by adding illumination to the paving. Read More