What Can You Do If Your Concrete Driveway Is Showing Signs of Wear?

If you assumed ownership of a house with a few rough edges, you might be assessing what needs to be done. If you take a closer look at your driveway, for example, you might see that the concrete is also a little rough in places. What are your options here and can you spruce up the look of your entryway without needing to start from scratch?

Reasons for Deterioration

Concrete driveways often show certain signs of wear as they age. This is to be expected, and there are many different reasons for this deterioration.


Heavy rain can sometimes get underneath a concrete installation and wash some of the soil away. This is often a problem where a guttering downpipe is incorrectly placed, causing the rainwater to flow towards the driveway instead. When this happens, the ground may begin to sink, thus causing cracking or undulation.


The previous owner may have parked a heavy trailer or large caravan for extended periods of time, and the area beneath may now be a different shade. Alternatively, they may have parked a rather old vehicle in the same place each day, and this car or truck may have dropped quite a lot of oil onto the same spot. This can cause discolouration and may certainly affect the appearance of the drive.


Spalling is the name given to peeling or flaking and is often caused by water infiltration. This phenomenon may cause cracks to develop, and when water gets trapped in the concrete, it can freeze during the wintertime. When the ice thaws, it may lead to more flaking and scaling and a worsening problem. It could also lead to the development of cracks, a problem that can be traced to soil settlement or foraging tree roots.

Figuring Out the Issue

Your first job is to determine the nature of the problem and its typical cause. You may be able to do something about the issue if excess rainwater is to blame. For example, you can divert the downpipes away from the area by digging a French drain.

What to Do Next

If some of your problems are simply caused by age, previous abuse or water infiltration, then you should take steps to repair them. It is possible to patch over any spalling damage with a colour matching compound, but you may have to resurface with a concrete overlay. Again, cracks can be repaired with readily available products, but you need to call in a concrete contractor for their advice if they are too big.

For more information about concrete driveways, contact a contractor.