Why Infrared Technology Should Be Your Go to Asphalt Repair Technique

You may not pay much attention to your commercial property's parking lot, but this area has a considerable impact on people's perception of your business. For starters, irrespective of how big it is, its appearance will automatically influence the kerb appeal pf the premises. Secondly, since clients will have to drive and park their cars on this surface when they visit your premises, its condition directly impacts their experience when they get onto the property.

Therefore, an asphalt parking lot that is riddled with potholes, pockmarks, cracks and other forms of physical damage can hurt your business to the point that you are at risk of losing money. While there are numerous repair options you could seek, the latest technology in the industry is infrared repairs. Although it does cost more than traditional asphalt repair methods, check out why infrared technology should be your go-to asphalt repair technique.

What does infrared asphalt repair entail?

In essence, infrared refers to light rays that fall below red in the colour spectrum. Although they are not visible to the naked eye, these light rays are quite powerful, as they will heat any object they are exposed to from the inside. When used for asphalt repair, the infrared rays are focused onto the damaged parts of the asphalt to melt it from the inside without it burning on the outside, which is what would happen if the material is exposed to open fire.

This type of heating works to melt the asphalt and this functions to amalgamate the damaged parts of the asphalt with the ones in good condition. This process offers a range of advantages, as illustrated below.

What are the advantages of infrared asphalt repair?

As long as your business relies on employees and customers to make their way to the building, the last thing you would want is to close off your parking. However, this is unavoidable if you are engaging in traditional asphalt repair as the process involves the use of heavy equipment that will take up a considerable amount of space outdoors. Moreover, the parking lot will need to be shut off for a while so that it can cure uninterrupted.

The great thing about infrared repairs is that this will not be an issue for your business. The concrete contractors will only take up a little amount of space when working on the different structural problems, which leaves room for people to manoeuvre around them. Additionally, infrared repairs can be employed to fix a multitude of issues ranging from potholes to heaving and divots in the asphalt paving. Thus, all the repairs required can be completed in one go. Not to mention that infrared repairs do not result in different coloured sections of asphalt so you get to restore the aesthetic value of your commercial parking.

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