3 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Concrete Slipform Construction

Concrete is still the most popular construction material today. Its popularity comes from the fact that it is strong, easy to construct, and when properly formed, it creates structures that can last hundreds of years. There are many methods of moulding and forming concrete. One of the most popular ones is slipform construction. 

A slipform is like a mould where the concrete is poured after mixing. The mixture is then left for several weeks to dry, with the contractors checking periodically to ensure that it's not cracking or developing other weaknesses. Here are the top three reasons to use slipform as opposed to other types of concrete moulding processes. 

Slipform Is Easy to Set Up

The other methods of making concrete constructions include pre-moulding the parts and bringing them to the site when cured. This is time-consuming and also uneconomical. When you use slipform, you simply place the mould where you want to make the improvement and then prepare the concrete foundation. This way, the construction process starts immediately and you do not have to worry about transporting the mould and the complications it brings.

The method also speeds up the construction process, and it is efficient because you have the entire operation in one place. You can even proceed with other aspects of the construction project as the concrete dries up. The method ensures that you finish your project on schedule.

You Only Set Up Once

The other benefit that comes from using slipform is that you do not have to set up the mould as you continue with the project. The slipform is made in the shape of the finished structure that you are constructing. As a result, you cut down the construction timelines and also create a very detailed and concise structure. 

As the contractor or the construction project manager, it is your responsibility to choose the slipform and check to ensure that it is strong and durable enough for the project. Once you have made these arrangements, you will have little else to worry about.

The Finish Is Smooth

One thing that you have to worry about when using other concrete moulding processes is the quality of the finish. With slipform, you can easily make structures without fins and other imperfections to clean up. The process is also easy and safe.

Find a concrete contractor who understands how to set up slip forms and follow the procedure to the end. They will help you get superior quality buildings at an affordable rate.

To learn more, reach out to a slipform contractor today.