Does Your Concrete Need Resealing?

Concrete is an incredibly versatile building material, and it has found widespread use in the construction industry for the creation of everything from floors to kitchen work surfaces, garden paths, and basements. Concrete is popular because it is strong and long-lasting while requiring almost no maintenance. Despite the ubiquitous nature of concrete, it is important that your concrete is always properly sealed to increase its resistance to weather conditions, abrasion, and staining. Not only does concrete sealing ensure that your concrete remains protected, but it can also help it to look better and make cleaning it less of a chore. While newly laid concrete will have been sealed by the contractor over time, the seal will deteriorate and eventually, your concrete will need resealing.  

Will you seal the concrete yourself?

The easiest way of resealing concrete is often arranging for a contractor to come and carry out the work, but if you want to do the job yourself, then you must ensure that the area which you want to seal is dry and that you have every reason to expect that the air temperature is not going to drop below 10 degrees Celsius for at least the next 24 hours.

The first stage in resealing concrete is making sure that the concrete is clean and that all traces of the previous sealant have been removed, especially if you will be resealing the concrete using an alternative brand that may not be compatible.

Once your surface is prepared for resealing you should use an etching solution to open the concrete before applying a thin coat of the sealer. You may be able to spray the sealer or use a roller depending on your chosen brand of sealer. When the sealer has dried, you should add a second coat. It is always preferable to complete multiple thin coats rather than a single thick layer of sealant that may not adhere correctly. Only once the sealer has fully dried should you attempt to walk over the concrete surface.

If you find that you are struggling to complete your concrete sealing successfully or that you are unsure bout any step in the processing, then arranging for a professional contractor to come and complete the resealing work for you is probably your best option. They will be able to explain why the concrete needs resealing and how to best achieve the results that you need.