Why Use Illuminated Aggregate on Your Hotel’s Paths?

The paths around your hotel and in your garden areas need to be safe to walk on. You don't want guests slipping or tripping. So, you may have decided to put down exposed aggregate. This type of concrete has a slightly rough surface which gives it a better grip.

However, you also want your pathways to look good. While you can choose from various aggregate colours and designs, you can also take things a step further by adding illumination to the paving.

How does this work, and what are the benefits?

What Is Illuminated Aggregate?

Like any aggregate concrete, an illuminated product is a mix of standard concrete and one or more other materials. While standard aggregates contain things like tiny stones and pebbles, an illuminated mix contains photo-luminescent or phosphorescent materials. These materials react to light. During the day, they soak light in. Then, when it gets dark, they start to emit this light.

Depending on the material in the mix, the aggregate might glow brightly, shine softly or give off a dim light. You can also choose single- or mixed-colour palettes.

Why Install Illuminated Aggregate?

If you put down exposed aggregate with added illumination, then your paths will be safer. As well as extra grip, you also add light into dark areas. 

While your paths won't shine as brightly as outdoor lights, even a soft glow breaks up the darkness. People using the paths at night will be able to see their way more clearly. This should reduce accidents. It also means that you don't need to put outdoor lights everywhere around your hotel. You may still want some traditional lights, but you can keep these to key areas.

You won't need to pay for the lights themselves or their installation and connection. You won't have any power costs. Illuminated aggregate takes in and gives out light naturally. It doesn't need an external power source. It also won't disturb any of your guests by shining light into their rooms. This can be a problem with traditional outdoor lighting.

Illuminated paving also looks striking. It's unusual enough to be a talking point. Your guests will appreciate the extra light at night and the effects it gives. If you want to add a finishing touch to your garden, outdoor bar or terrace restaurant, then this is a simple solution.

To find out more about adding illumination to exposed aggregate, talk to concrete contractors.