The Concrete Finish

Concrete slabs are preferred for residential construction projects for many valid reasons. These range from the strength of concrete as a construction material to its durability and aesthetic appeal.

To maintain their great aesthetic appeal and to improve functionality, concrete slabs are made to have different finishes. The type of finish that goes onto a concrete slab depends partly on your personal preference and partly on the functional advantages of such a finish.

Find out more about concrete slab finishes below.

The Salt Finish

This is one of the many concrete slab finishes that is about slab functionality rather than aesthetics.

In order to achieve this type of finish, a concrete slab installation contractor will apply rock salt on wet concrete before the slab is allowed to cure.

The effect of this is that there will be small pits created on the slab surface once the rock salt is washed away. The presence of the small pits on the slab surface increases the slip-resistance of concrete, making it safer for you to walk on the slab once the installation is complete.

The salt finish is commonly preferred for areas where the concrete slab is constantly exposed to wetness, such as residential pool areas.

The Exposed Aggregate Finish

Just as the name might suggest, this kind of finish exposes different compounds that have been aggregated into the slab's concrete mix.

This is among the several finishes that are more about aesthetics than functionality.

To create this kind of finish, a concrete slab installation specialist will add a special chemical to the concrete slab. This chemical will reduce the rate at which surface cement cures on the concrete slab in order to make it possible to wash away the surface cement.

Once the surface cement on the slab is washed away, the aggregate remains exposed. Common aggregate materials used for this kind of concrete slab finish include granite, small pebbles, and colored glass.

The Stamped Finish

This is perhaps one of the most common finishes installed on concrete slabs. Just like the exposed aggregate finish, it is more of an aesthetic finish than a functional one.

To create a stamped finish, a contractor will place special panels that have intricate designs and press the panels onto wet concrete to transfer the design onto the concrete slab.

This kind of finish makes it possible to have an unlimited number of decorative designs imprinted onto a concrete slab.

To learn more about your concrete slab options, contact a contractor.