Benefits of Installing Coloured Concrete Pavers Around Your Pool

Lounging around a private pool and taking a dip on a hot day allows you to enjoy a holiday atmosphere at home. Unlike when you're on vacation, you're still in charge of the look and function of the pool deck. Coloured concreting can provide design options and requires little upkeep. Here are several benefits of installing coloured concrete pavers.

1. You Have a Variety of Colour and Aesthetic Options

When painting walls in a home, you can select virtually any colour as you can mix different tones endlessly to achieve the perfect hue. Contractors can do the same when colouring concrete pavers, providing you with the freedom to instal whatever colour you fancy. Concrete pavers can also replicate a myriad of other materials, such as brick, stone, ceramic and even timber. 

While actual wooden planks can suffer from moisture exposure, concrete gives a realistic impression of rustic boards without all the issues, resisting mildew and algae, particularly when sealed. Alternatively, why not create classic, timeless decking with square pavers that imitate smooth sand tones of travertine? With many possible shapes and sizes, you can personalise your installation precisely to your taste and preferences.

2. They're Easy to Replace and Maintain

You probably want to enjoy swimming and relaxing without hours of maintenance work and cost to worry about. With concrete pavers, even if one or several sustain damage, you can replace those selected ones rather than a large section of the decking. Pavers allow easy access to the ground underneath also. If electricians or other contractors need to reach wires or pipes, you can remove the pavers and replace them after the work is complete.

Ongoing home maintenance tasks include simple sweeping and washing to remove leaves and debris. If the pavers settle unevenly, contractors can adjust the subbase if needed to stabilise the decking. However, the benefit of pavers is that they self-adjust slightly in line with the movements of the earth itself, which prevents the surface cracking.

3. They Easily Coordinate with Other Areas Around Your Home

A significant benefit of concrete pavers is that if you upgrade other areas with pavers, you can closely match the colour of these different surfaces. You can also harmonise the pool decking with your home's architecture or other elements in the hardscape. This adaptability allows you to upgrade your outdoor landscape gradually, a section at a time. Coloured concreting ultimately provides you with great flexibility in design so you can focus on expressing your creativity.