Why Choose Precast Concrete?

If you're building a shed, workroom, garage or other adjunct to your home, you've got a few main options. You've probably considered the merits of using brick and mortar vs. purely wooden construction--but have you thought about building with concrete? Concrete structures have been around for a long time, but recent developments in the availability of domestic precast concrete sheets have made them a more accessible choice than ever before.  Read More 

What Are the Advantages of Using Air-Entrained Concrete?

Choosing the right kind of concrete can make the difference between the long-term success or failure of your build. If you don't make the right decision here, then your concrete might not last as long as you expected. It might need frequent maintenance, repair or even replacement. In some cases, air-entrained concrete is the most suitable product to use. How is this concrete different? What are its benefits? What Is Air-Entrained Concrete? Read More